P r e f a c e

I’ve had so many attempts of writing a book ever since I was a kid. Well, I was really very fond of stationeries back then. (Until now actually. *grins*) I even kept several diaries, and thought about and tried writing several stories. But the problem is that, I never finished even a single one, and I always don’t make it even up to the tenth page, because: (1st) My sisters (I’m the youngest!) are always sneaking around my things, secretly reading, and making fun of them. (2nd) It’s always easy to start, but it’s so difficult to finish. Fiction is way harder than what you could think of it. It’s like I’ve always got a pretty big space for an ideal novel, but what my mind could make of is only enough for a short story. (3rd) Well, they’re the silliest, cliche’ plots anyone could read. You couldn’t blame me, after all. I was just a kid who’s a big fan of typical highschool boy meets girl story with a musical touch. (Disney! *nostalgia alert*) Somehow, later on in my adolescent years, I got tired of my own stagnant cycle and decided to focus only on my role as a campus journalist in my school. But of course, I never really disregarded my ultimate dream. I had just set it aside first, and waited for my writing skill to bloom and mature fully.

My original goal for college is to study in the city and take up any course that could take me to my good, old dream. But my parents never let me take the chance, even if it’s just to take the entrance examinations. I couldn’t do anything. Well, I wasn’t the rebellious kind of child. In the end, I decided to pursue what’s freely available in the locality and closest to my heart, which happened to be my six-year-old- self ambition — to become an Architect.
Honestly, I was really clueless. I was mostly a verbally skilled person, and I’m not a pro with visual and spatial abilities. I was also just friggin’ six years old when it suddenly became one of my few ambitions. (I’ve dreamt of becoming a teacher and a doctor as well!) But I was too fascinated with the idea of blueprints, skyscrapers, and dream houses, so I never thought twice in entering this path. And here I am right now — a striving architecture student who is trying to relive her spirits of fulfulling her ultimate dream of writing a book. I find it really funny for still not giving up with this old dream, despite of several frustrations. Maybe I was really meant for it.
Just yesterday, out of nowhere, I’ve thought of making this blog. It was really unplanned, so I’m keeping myself positive that this is gonna be a successful attempt. Like what I have thought in mind, writing is the most dominant talent I have; I just can’t set it aside forever. However, I wasn’t really certain of what to put in here. And I don’t want to be certain either. Because the truth is, when it gets certain, I feel restricted and I find it harder to keep it going. So maybe I’ll just let it flow freely. Maybe I could talk about anything. Maybe I could talk about how we’re just living the same life, but only from different perspectives. Or maybe I could talk about the happiest and the saddest of my stories. Etcetera.

So this is it.

Feel free to open the glass shoe box.

xx, P.


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