Unnumbered Episode (2)

I feel like I ruin everything when I start to love. How to love without ruining? How to love without being ruined? Better yet, how not to love?


Unnumbered Episode

I cried in the bathroom again. And I'm not even home. And it didn't feel quite right. And I can't even tell the reason. It feels weird when I was asked if I was still okay (after drinking 15% of alcohol) and I said yes coolly. Thank goodness it was dark, they didn't have to … Continue reading Unnumbered Episode


I was 20 yesterday. And believe me, spending a year knowing you're already on the second decade of your life wasn't as grand and pleasing as you've always thought and pictured it to be--- you'd see that the world just indeed got a little crueler, and you ain't even getting any tougher; and just when … Continue reading 21st